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My name is Matthew Giancola and I'm a long-time tennis coach, player and fan.  I have been coaching athletics for over 15 years, have studied and taught tennis to students of all ages and abilities (from academy junior players to adult beginner players), and can offer a lot of help to aspiring players.  I'm a Certified NCCP Coach with Tennis Canada, where I trained and studied tennis.  I furthered my strength in tennis by studying professional coaches Brad Gilbert, Mauro Marcos, Jim McLennan, Jeff Salzenstein, Robert Lansdorp, Paul Annacone and others.  My experience as as an interviewer with ATP players Marin Cilic and David Goffin and my experience as a hitting partner with past Canadian professional and NCAA players have gifted me additional insight on professional tennis that aid my teaching as well.  Finally, I studied education at York University and psychology at Ryerson University, which both have helped my broad ability to teach efficient and effective lessons.  I currently conduct lessons in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I love sharing my passion for tennis and helping people learn and enjoy tennis the same way that I do.  I created this website as a tennis library to share my personally selected combination of tips and videos from my experience and from some of most valuable online tennis videos available.  It's organized like a course, where each page, paragraph and video builds on the one before.  The internet can be saturated with helpful but repetitive advice, and sometimes many important advanced tips are difficult to find.  Because of this, I decided to create a library for people who want to study tennis beyond lessons and court time to help them save money and time learning tennis online with efficient guidance.

I am also a big fan of knowing multiple ways to complete a task,  and tennis offers a lot of variety and ways to achieve the same result.  I included content that covers these different ways to play shots in tennis when possible, which allows people to choose the most effective and comfortable methods for themselves.  Each descriptive tip and complementing video was selected to give a specific understanding and unique perspective to save you time and give you the most broad understanding of how to hit a shot.

I truly hope you gain valuable insight in tennis from my website, and that sharing what I know will bring positive results to your tennis goals and happiness with your game as it has to mine.

To contact me about employment as your coach, leave a message HERE.

Enjoy your new game!