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Tennis Court Surfaces:  Why They Matter

Tennis is played on different surfaces, and each surface has a different effect on how fast and high the ball bounces.  There are also different modifications made to courts of the same type to create a different effect on bounce height and speed.  For example, two hard courts may look the same, but the type of cement mixture and paint mixtures may create a difference in ball speed and height.  This video helps explain more detail the difference between the most common tennis courts.  

In short:
Grass - Fast and low bounce
Hard Court - Medium speed and bounce
Clay - Slow and high bounce

Video Length = 5:30

The History of Tennis

Tennis is a very old game.  Traditionally a game for elites, it is a game that has evolved over centuries into the exciting and athletic game we have today.  View this short video on the history of tennis to see the changes for yourself.

Video Length = 2:33

Tennis Racket Evolution

Not only have the rules changed in tennis, but the rackets have gone through many changes over the last few decades and centuries to become the amazing sticks we have today.  This quick video shows just how dramatic and positive those changes have been.

Video Length = 1:53

How Tennis Rackets are Made

This short video shows how modern tennis rackets are made, for those of you who are curious to learn why they are expensive.

Video Length = 4:24

How Tennis Balls are Made

This quick short video shows how tennis balls are made.  

Video Length = 5:24

Tennis is More than a Game