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Kids Tennis

Kids tennis is now played on modified courts with smaller rackets and easier rules to scale the game down to their smaller stature.  As they get older, they advance to faster and heavier tennis balls, and larger court sizes, rackets, and match length.  Kids tennis balls and court sizes are also good for beginner adults looking to learn touch and feel as they are easier to hit and build confidence and control. I would encourage parents and children to play tennis together on a smaller scale, even if you just play with the service boxes as the boundaries on a full-size court.

Its important to note that tennis is a game with a lot of hand-eye and ball-eye coordination, so any sports that involve these skills (hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc) are beneficial to learning tennis as well.  I encourage young athletes to play many different games to develop their coordination and athletic abilities for use in tennis.

The following page introduces kids tennis courts, kids tennis rackets, kids tennis balls, and kids tennis activities.

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Tennis Activities for Kids